Are spending trackers necessary?

Hey loves, do you think a spending tracker is necessary?

Judging by the multiple means available to track cash flow, and profuse articles advocating for it, e.g this Forbes article, it is safe to assume that it is quite necessary. Ideally, to acheive our financial goals, we need to budget. To budget properly, we need to track our cash flow.

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Saint of the day: St Willibald.

He was a Bishop and missionary. A native of Wessex, England, he was the brother of Sts. Winebald and Walburga and was related through his mother to the great St. Boniface. After studying in a monastery in Waitham, in Hampshire, he went on a pilgrimage to Rome (c. 722) with his father, who died on the way at Lucca, Italy.

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Ariana Grande: The girl with the Big voice, the Big heart.


On May 22nd, there was a terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena. It happened during an Ariana Grande concert, leaving almost 60 people injured and 22 people dead. This is never a precedented outcome of an event, and there are no handbooks on how to behave in such a situation. Continue reading “Ariana Grande: The girl with the Big voice, the Big heart.”

Saint Nennoc

Died c. 467. Saint Nennoc is said to have been a daughter of the prolific Saint Brychan of Brecknock. After serving God in her native Britain, she is said to have followed Saint Germanus of Auxerre into France, where she became abbess of one or more monasteries in Armorica. Many miracles are ascribed to her in her legend in the monastery of the Cross of Quimperle in the diocese of Quimper in Brittany. (Benedictines, Farmer, Husenbeth).

St Nennoc, pray for us.

Ut in omnibus glorifecetur Deus (That God may be glorified in all things).