Luo Li Rong: A Sculptor Par Excellence.

Hello lovelies. How you doing?

By now everyone knows, i’m in love with beautiful art. In all its forms, art is aesthetically pleasing and soothing. It is truly amazing.

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Ellie Victoria Gale: The Flower Keepers

Ellie Victoria Gale is a photographer with a difference. Her project The Flower Keepers honestly astounds me. It’s vibrant and alive. Classically beautiful. These photographs are timeless, as they do not lend credence to a particular time-frame or famous moment in history. Also, flowers are timeless.

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Dana Stefania Apostol: Fantasy Artist.

You know the drill. I visited Nike Art Gallery and my interest in Art piqued. The artist i’ve discovered is Dana Stefania Apostol, who I refer to as a fantasy artist. She’s pretty good. Her work draws you in, and shockingly surprises at the same time.

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The Louvre Abu Dhabi is complete.

Everybody and their grandmother knows the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is a top country in the world. They are a leading nation with a vision, and they exceed expectations across all industries. The Louvre is the most famous museum in the world and home of the Mona Lisa. 

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