Rolling in the Deep: Nigerian Law and Technology.

I recently came across this article by Joe Patrice titled, ‘This Is Why You Absolutely Have To Get On Your Firm’s Tech Committee’. It was a catchy title and made an entertaining read.

It’s easy to think the only thing you have to do to get ahead is “be a lawyer.” Nose buried in deposition outlines and term sheets and billing like crazy. Unfortunately, that’s just not going to cut it any more. Because you don’t work for a Victorian-era law firm, you work for a thoroughly modern, 21st-century company that just happens to be a law firm. Your bosses may still fancy their little firm a throwback, but if you want to lead the firm some day you’ll have to come to grips with the times.


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Saint Nennoc

Died c. 467. Saint Nennoc is said to have been a daughter of the prolific Saint Brychan of Brecknock. After serving God in her native Britain, she is said to have followed Saint Germanus of Auxerre into France, where she became abbess of one or more monasteries in Armorica. Many miracles are ascribed to her in her legend in the monastery of the Cross of Quimperle in the diocese of Quimper in Brittany. (Benedictines, Farmer, Husenbeth).

St Nennoc, pray for us.

Ut in omnibus glorifecetur Deus (That God may be glorified in all things).